335 Square Foot Bachelor Apartment Edmonton, Alberta


Project Location: Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Project Square Footage: 335 square feet

Project Requirements: Client wanted accommodation made for pantry and kitchen equipment as well as extra closet space.











Condomini Designs‘s first project was based on Edmonton, Alberta Canada. A 335 square foot bachelor apartment located in the heart of downtown hosting 180 degree river valley views.

The interior design of the unit had to maximize the small square footage by providing multiple rooms in one. The owner insisted that the home have multiple functions with a specific emphasis kitchen and wardrobe space.

Conceptual interior design and layout was completed by Condomini Designs using Sketchup Pro Software. The design included the following functions:

  • Bedroom
  • Dining room (6 person)
  • Living room
  • Desk/ breakfast bar
  • Reading nook
  • Two closets
  • 50+ Mason Jar capacity pantry
  • Storage for over-sized kitchen equipment
  • Media station
  • Green wall
  • Home office
  • Kitchen with extended counter space

Large components within the layout were designed by Condomini Designs and custom made by a local carpentry company, The Kitchen Studio and Wallbeds Etc. These components included the Murphy bed and closet around the bed, custom sofa in front of bed, pop-up desks, pop-down 6 person dining room table and pop-down ironing board. Remaining items were purchased from local supply companies as suggested by Condomini Designs.